"Verily, there exists no purifier on earth, equal to knowledge. A man who becomes perfect in yoga finds it within himself in course of time."

- Sri Krishna

Yoga Mitra Mandal Meetings

Yoga Mitra Mandal is a group of yoga students who are deeply interested in understanding and experiencing the techniques of a broad range of yoga practice. The intention is to provide a forum in which we can share insights in the theory, philosophy and psychology which are the underpinning of practice. Yoga goes much beyond the mat, and together we explore its potential to transform our daily lives. Reaching far into the recesses of the inner reality, we can learn to bring a renewed energy and focus into every area of our lives.

In meeting regularly, we develop a feeling of 'sangha' or community - a circle of friends joined in a study of sacred literatures and practices. Together, we periodically invite senior teachers to Indianapolis, and follow up with a study of their teachings.

In July 2008, we resumed our practice of holding monthly meetings of the study group. Sessions are hosted by members of the group in their homes, and topics are selected in advance. Each meeting is a blend of practice and discussion, led by members who have experience in the area. A typical meeting consists of asana, pranayama and meditation. We also have a presentation of the topic, followed by group discussion and sharing of experience. The meetings are informal, and newcomers are very welcome. There is no charge for attending monthly meetings.

Meetings are usually held on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 3pm to 5pm (except in the month in which we have hosted a teacher). Some changes may be made to accommodate holidays and the convenience of the host/hostess. We usually send out an email in advance to save the date, and a reminder the week of the meeting.

Financially, we strive to be self-sustaining. When senior teachers are invited in, we charge a nominal fee to those who attend. Yoga Mitra Mandal is also supported in by the generous donations of the member group, and their sponsorship of seminars and special events. Accounts are rigorously maintained, and are readily available.

Over the years, our group has studied major topics in the Yoga tradition. In addition, we have welcomed teachers in Tibetan Buddhism, Tai Chi, practical sessions on Mudra by advanced teachers as well as meditation practices from other traditions. In 2013 we started an innovative 2 -year distance learning project with Swami Shankardev in Australia, learning his deep meditations of 'Core Strength, Calm Mind', combining the practice of grounding, alignment and pulsation with 'live' sessions with him on the internet. Every year since, we focus on one topic for a period of one year to properly integrate theory with practice.

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