"The control of the mind is said to be highest yoga; it is like the control of an unruly horse which must be made to obey its rider."

- Sri Krishna


The "Guru-Shishya" (teacher-disciple) tradition of discipleship is the heart of our community's relationship to the teacher, who has brought the light of a distinctive practice, method or insight to enrich our perspective to life and yoga. Without the teacher, the practice, method or technique would literally be devoid of Shakti - divine energy or well-intentioned energy that makes Yoga a living knowledge in the heart and mind of the student.

The dedication of the teachers of Yoga has been responsible for the creation, development and mastery of processes essential to aid the task of our human evolution, with the gift of Light. The teachers embody in a lived sense, the true aim of yoga, to "yoke our humanity to divinity".

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