"Meditation can take place when you are sitting in a bus or walking in the woods full of light and shadow, or listening to the singing of birds or looking at the face of your wife or child."

- Krishnamurti

Sanyasi Mantra Raj

Sanyasi Mantra Raj hails from a family of devout spiritual aspirants, and started his journey from the age of 3. He has devoted his energies to deep levels of sadhna and the highest levels of yoga practice. Trained by Swami Satyananda at the prestigious Bihar School of Yoga, he was initiated into very exclusive practices including the 'Kali tantra' by Swami Stayananda himself. With his powerful and mellifluous voice, Mantra Raj teaches all levels of students, and especially captivates them in leading sessions of Kirtan and Mantra Yoga sessions.

Sanyasi Mantra Raj

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