"The soul is the root. The mind is the trunk. The body constitutes the leaves. The leaves are no doubt important; they gather the sun's rays for the entire tree. The trunk is equally important; perhaps more so. But if the root is not watered, neither will survive for long."

- Swami Sivananda

Welcome to the Yoga Mitra Mandal (circle of friends in yoga)

Welcome to the Yoga Mitra Mandal (Circle of friends dedicated to Yoga). We work to create a sangha (community) committed to deepen the understanding of Yoga in a classical sense. We are based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We work closely with the Indiana Yoga Association.

Yoga goes beyond postures and breathing. The philosophy of Yoga has a 5000 year history which emerged within a particular cultural orientation. In adapting it for modern times, some essential elements of Yoga were dropped. These included 1) being anchored in a lineage, 2) learning with an awakened teacher, 3) building an embodied practice, 4) developing a philosophical orientation and 5) nurturing community support. The Yoga Mitra Mandal seeks to revive some of these essential elements that would ensure practitioners are oriented correctly to receive the full benefits from yoga.

The sangha, which translates as a community of practitioners, is a ground for practice. Traditionally, yoga has been an individual practice. While there is clearly a place of private practice in a practitioner´┐Żs life, the sangha represents an opportunity for practitioners to share the challenges of practice in a group setting.

Our Vision:

  • Creation of a sangha committed to deepen the understanding of yoga.

Our Mission:

  • To organize seminars with outstanding teachers in Yoga.
  • To support the practices and the understanding of the teachings introduced through our monthly meetings.

Want to know more?

Email us at alka1.kapur@gmail.com

Upcoming Seminars

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Past Seminars

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